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  • With Bullfrog, everything is up right away. They take care of maintenance. They keep the equipment up to date. I don't have to worry about any of that.

    – Chuck Updegraff, Director of Technology | Commercial Van
  • Part of coming on as the new CEO meant I had to evaluate all our vendors to see if there were any changes that needed to be made. The current staff was very happy with Bullfrog, and in my analysis, they showed to be a good value that we should hold on to. They’ve been very responsive to any situations that occur. And the solutions that they've been able to provide us have helped us meet the challenges of an increased demand on our system.

    – Bruce Campbell, CEO | Miss Dig
  • I felt like I am part of Bullfrog. They have been a great match for our business and it has worked out very well. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I called on them when we lost our phone system due to a power outage. The fact that they were able to host our phones and we were able to get back to normal operations quickly is a testament to how good they are. By the next day we were getting regular phone calls in and we were up and running. They are top notch. I dont think it could have gone any smoother.

    Maurice Graves, Information Technology Director | Bethesda Christian Church
  • Bullfrog is always responsive. I've gotten to know their entire team over time, and what really impresses me is they make a point to hire good people.

    – Noah Mamo, Director of Health Center Operations and Development | Oakland Integrated Healthcare Network

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