5 important rules to close a deal

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Five important rules to close a deal

There are many steps in the process of closing a deal, and the following rules are critical in any sales strategy. Missing one of these steps may cause you to lose the deal.


  1. Understand the problem you are trying to resolve: In addition to mastering your product features, invest your time learning how your product or service can help your prospective customer by focusing on what differentiates you from your rivals. This gives you the competitive advantage to close the deal.
  2. Know your client: You must find out if she/he is the final decision maker. This will save you time and energy from talking to the wrong person.   It is also important to understand the personality of your prospective customer to know the right words and approach so that you may better relate to the customer.
  3. Identify the timeline: After you know your prospect has the desire to buy your service or product you must ask when she/he is going to commit to implementing the project. This saves you from having endless sales meetings that go nowhere.
  4. Follow up on your promise: During your sales pitch, if you promised to answer a question, make certain that you keep your promise. Sales depend on trust.  You will never sell anything to anyone if you have not first established you may be trusted.
  5. Be confident, not arrogant: There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence. They might sound similar but they will have opposite effects on your prospect.   It is natural for your prospect to be skeptical about your product, or even you.  Therefore, you must be gracious and take your time to build trust. Do not use words that could patronize or bait your prospect in buying your product. Be confident and respectful to your prospect’s decision since you likely do not have the full picture why your prospect decided not to buy your product at that time. Avoid combative language in defending your brand or product. This is the major distinction between confidence and arrogance. Confidence allows you to respectfully walk away.  However, arrogance will lead you to take matters personally and tempt you to make remarks that come off as snide and rude.




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