Answers to our most commonly asked questions…

Can I keep my numbers?

Yes. As part of on-boarding, we transfer or “port” all of your phone numbers to our system from your previous provider. We handle all of the paperwork for you.

What if I lose Internet?

Your calls automatically get routed to a cell phone, another location, or to a voicemail box. This feature is called “business continuity”.

How quick is it to get setup?
We typically complete the installation in a 2-week time frame, which gives the losing carrier time to release your phone numbers, and allows you time to design the call flow with our on-boarding team.
Can we do a self-install?
Installation is as simple as taking the phone out of the box and plugging it in. Our support staff is always available to assist with any installation questions you have.
Can I call International?
Yes, we allow you to call international and bill for a per-minute usage on the next month’s invoice.
Do I need a desk phone?

No. You have the option to use a desk phone, pc, mac, tablet, mobile phone, or all of them. More and more customers are choosing to go mobile.

Can I run a report on calls?
Yes. You can report on users, sites, auto-attendants, hunt-groups, call-queues, and more.
Can we keep a fax machine?
Yes. You can keep your fax machine and connect it to our system through an analog adapter.
Do you sell or rent phones?
Yes. We sell phones or can rent them for a 36-month term. We use Polycom and Cisco family of products.
What's on my first invoice?
Your first invoice will include a pro-ration for the days of the month you started, plus the next month’s service.
Do I need my phone lines?

No. Your phone lines are no longer needed because your voice traffic is now routed over your Internet connection. You can cancel them.

Limit to number of calls?
There are no limits to the number of calls you can make. All calls are routed out your local Internet connection.
Can we connect our offices?
Yes. Connecting multiple office is a major benefit of our system. Calling between offices is seamless.
Can I use my current phones?
Yes. We support all current Polycom and Cisco Multi-Platform phone models.
Will we have admin access?
Yes. We provide you with an easy-to-use graphical interface with full administrative control.