Customer Testimonials

Harry Watson

Caledonia Group


“I’ve worked with the team at Bullfrog for many years and use their services at all of my companies. I even have them installed at my home. I could not recommend a more responsible, hard working, and talented bunch of individuals.”

Cindy Stahl

Conquest Manufacturing


“I knew when we were ready to move to the cloud, we would choose Bullfrog. Now we have both of our locations connected and able to communicate. I couldn’t recommend them more!”

Tracey Kupke

Drain Detectives


“We love Bullfrog. Our employees are able to communicate from the field with the mobile app and our office manager is able to manage the system.”

Matt Endres

Morrell Group

Auburn Hills

“We held onto our last system about 10-years too long. Since moving to Bullfrog, our business has been transformed. Users can work from anywhere and I don’t have to hire a phone guy to make changes. You guys have been the biggest blessing.”

Doug Zarra

Honor Community Health


“I love being able to support our users across all of our sites from a singe interface. I’ve worked with a lot of vendors. Their service is second to none.”

Andrew Alkon

Dorsia Investment

New York

“Bullfrog was simple enough that a “non-tech” finance guy like me could get it set up for our office.”

Bruce Campbell


Auburn Hills

“We had disparate communication systems and wanted to create a unified solution for our contact center. Bullfrog streamlined customer service, enabled employees greater mobility and improved business operations.”

Noah Mamo

Detroit Dental Institute


“Our old system was so complicated and something was always breaking. We had to have a company make changes on a regular basis. Now, all of our clinics are on the same system and our patients are able to call to make appointments.”

Micky Tschirhart

Scion Steel


“Bullfrog was the only company that understood our vision and gave us the ability to implement it. I would gladly recommend them.”